I loved this article so much .. i just had to share it with you guys!!!!!!!!!!1

The person who wrote it must have been in my head.. because that is so so so exactly how I feel..  

On Saturday, im going to see her perform live in Montreal.. Lords knows if she will show up.. Lord knows if shw will sing songs that we know and love… Lord knows the reviews have been less that… good…  BUT I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!!  So i got my fingers crossed!!!

this article is from the website: madamenoire.com.

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Love & Marriage: What Lauryn Hill Taught Us About Love & Marriage

June 19th, 2010 – By China Okasi

Forget money. ‘It’s funny how marriage change a situation.’ Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley may not be married technically speaking, but according to the last, rare interview Marley did with People magazine, they are “spiritually together.” There’s just one minor contradiction though: Marley lists himself as “single” on MySpace, and Madame Lauryn Hill lives with her mother and five children in Jersey. Is that what spiritual togetherness means? Hmmm.

As rosy as the union of a Marley and the great Lauryn Hill might have seemed when we first heard word of it, it’s hard not to notice the evolution of Hill’s music pre- and post- their, er, ‘spiritual togetherness.’ While it might be unfair to all-out blame Marley for Hill’s life choices, Hill’s loss of spirit—and maybe even of self—after choosing him, is hard to ignore.

Before ‘Marley,’ Hill’s lyrics had a soothing, cathartic quality to them, even when she had been singing about breakups. Her songs from Miseducation of Lauryn Hill were joyful at their core and had been strung together in a wholesome, uplifting album. From “Lost Ones” to “Doo Wop” to “Nothing Even Matters,” Hill had been pouring out tunes that were as hopeful as they were honest.

By the time her love, or spiritual marriage, or togetherness, or what-have-you, set in with Marley, her songs seemed to skew more heavily towards his identity, e.g. his Rastafarian roots. From Hill’s eight-minute-four-second song, “Oh Jerusalem” to “The Conquering Lion,” Hill seemed to have chosen a way of speaking, being—and singing, that was not so much foreign to her (after all, she had been borrowing from Rasta culture all along), as it was reminiscent of him.

So. What has Lauryn Hill taught us about love and marriage? It’s fine to break down your walls to receive love, but no, it is not fine to lose yourself and remain broken within it. Maybe Hill’s comeback album, whenever it happens, will return her to herself. If so, the album should be called, Who Is Lauryn Hill? And, it should really tell us who indeed she is, like it did a decade ago.

What do you think?

Ladies and gentleman!!  Could it be that we will never have to shave again???

Well I decided to sacrifice myself and try the Smooth Away hair removal system.


How does it work:  

Smooth away is a pad of patented crystal embedded onto soft wax paper.

The product promises to remove unwanted hair by smoothly brushing them off the skin with a simple circular motion. 

– The design of the pad is real smart, your hand or fingers fits in the handle
– Comes with some extra ‘sanding paper’
– Good for travel.. I guess…
– No need for razor or shaving cream
– Slow at removing hair.. hum it took like forever in some areas
– Could cause tenderness and redness
– Abrasive in certain areas
– Takes forever!! lol!!


The product works on pretty much all types of skin and almost any area with hair.  It is simple to use and when you get it to work, the results are good.

Okay, so I tried the product on my legs and upper lip.    The truth is the hair on my legs were not very long to start with.  So, with no harsh chemicals or razors,   it actually got my legs pretty smooth and they actually did feel exfoliated (because of the granules)  and smoother (because of  wax and hairless-ness).

Now, around  my lips ,  the product was not as great in that sensitive area and left tiny nicks and cuts.  I felt like the surrounding area was on fire and there was some redness (AND I AM A BLACK WOMAN!!!!). 

To me, it is like using fine sandpaper on a precious painting.. Like a layer of my skin had been peeled off…   So, it might work for some ( and it did work okay on my legs), but would I buy this product again?  Nope!

Soooooooooooooooo, in conclusion, the product is worth trying.. some people may have great results!!, but it’s aint for me!!

Yes after months of absence i am here… Unfortunately school has been kicking my ‘arse’, so I have not had lots of time to beautify my mind, body and soul…

But here I am… Hope all is well with everyone…

More to come soon!

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Lauryn is out and looking… normal!!

Yall know i’m the biggest fan ever in life!!!

I got this new BB foundation and fell in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The product is flawless on my skin, matches my tone to the perfection and dries in a smooth clay like finish.

the only downside.. the price is a little steep and they were very cheap with the amount of foundation. 

Now.. if someone wants to get me the Bobby Brown University palette for 250$, I would be forever grateful!

 Yes?? No??


Wether you like her or not.. she does something to everyone.  I mean, personally, the woman kinda scares me… I can’t lie! 
But her body is (or was) out of this world crazy! Her legs goe on forever and she has some of the most amazing facial features I have ever seen..

Anyone with me on that?



I likes it me!!!!  lol!!!

Then again, I am obsessed with this woman and love everything she does!


What do you guys think?