I loved this article so much .. i just had to share it with you guys!!!!!!!!!!1

The person who wrote it must have been in my head.. because that is so so so exactly how I feel..  

On Saturday, im going to see her perform live in Montreal.. Lords knows if she will show up.. Lord knows if shw will sing songs that we know and love… Lord knows the reviews have been less that… good…  BUT I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!!  So i got my fingers crossed!!!

this article is from the website: madamenoire.com.

Thank you so much for that China Okasi!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love & Marriage: What Lauryn Hill Taught Us About Love & Marriage

June 19th, 2010 – By China Okasi

Forget money. ‘It’s funny how marriage change a situation.’ Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley may not be married technically speaking, but according to the last, rare interview Marley did with People magazine, they are “spiritually together.” There’s just one minor contradiction though: Marley lists himself as “single” on MySpace, and Madame Lauryn Hill lives with her mother and five children in Jersey. Is that what spiritual togetherness means? Hmmm.

As rosy as the union of a Marley and the great Lauryn Hill might have seemed when we first heard word of it, it’s hard not to notice the evolution of Hill’s music pre- and post- their, er, ‘spiritual togetherness.’ While it might be unfair to all-out blame Marley for Hill’s life choices, Hill’s loss of spirit—and maybe even of self—after choosing him, is hard to ignore.

Before ‘Marley,’ Hill’s lyrics had a soothing, cathartic quality to them, even when she had been singing about breakups. Her songs from Miseducation of Lauryn Hill were joyful at their core and had been strung together in a wholesome, uplifting album. From “Lost Ones” to “Doo Wop” to “Nothing Even Matters,” Hill had been pouring out tunes that were as hopeful as they were honest.

By the time her love, or spiritual marriage, or togetherness, or what-have-you, set in with Marley, her songs seemed to skew more heavily towards his identity, e.g. his Rastafarian roots. From Hill’s eight-minute-four-second song, “Oh Jerusalem” to “The Conquering Lion,” Hill seemed to have chosen a way of speaking, being—and singing, that was not so much foreign to her (after all, she had been borrowing from Rasta culture all along), as it was reminiscent of him.

So. What has Lauryn Hill taught us about love and marriage? It’s fine to break down your walls to receive love, but no, it is not fine to lose yourself and remain broken within it. Maybe Hill’s comeback album, whenever it happens, will return her to herself. If so, the album should be called, Who Is Lauryn Hill? And, it should really tell us who indeed she is, like it did a decade ago.

What do you think?

Ladies and gentleman!!  Could it be that we will never have to shave again???

Well I decided to sacrifice myself and try the Smooth Away hair removal system.


How does it work:  

Smooth away is a pad of patented crystal embedded onto soft wax paper.

The product promises to remove unwanted hair by smoothly brushing them off the skin with a simple circular motion. 

– The design of the pad is real smart, your hand or fingers fits in the handle
– Comes with some extra ‘sanding paper’
– Good for travel.. I guess…
– No need for razor or shaving cream
– Slow at removing hair.. hum it took like forever in some areas
– Could cause tenderness and redness
– Abrasive in certain areas
– Takes forever!! lol!!


The product works on pretty much all types of skin and almost any area with hair.  It is simple to use and when you get it to work, the results are good.

Okay, so I tried the product on my legs and upper lip.    The truth is the hair on my legs were not very long to start with.  So, with no harsh chemicals or razors,   it actually got my legs pretty smooth and they actually did feel exfoliated (because of the granules)  and smoother (because of  wax and hairless-ness).

Now, around  my lips ,  the product was not as great in that sensitive area and left tiny nicks and cuts.  I felt like the surrounding area was on fire and there was some redness (AND I AM A BLACK WOMAN!!!!). 

To me, it is like using fine sandpaper on a precious painting.. Like a layer of my skin had been peeled off…   So, it might work for some ( and it did work okay on my legs), but would I buy this product again?  Nope!

Soooooooooooooooo, in conclusion, the product is worth trying.. some people may have great results!!, but it’s aint for me!!

Yes after months of absence i am here… Unfortunately school has been kicking my ‘arse’, so I have not had lots of time to beautify my mind, body and soul…

But here I am… Hope all is well with everyone…

More to come soon!

Shout out to mediatakeout.com for the pics

Lauryn is out and looking… normal!!

Yall know i’m the biggest fan ever in life!!!

I got this new BB foundation and fell in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The product is flawless on my skin, matches my tone to the perfection and dries in a smooth clay like finish.

the only downside.. the price is a little steep and they were very cheap with the amount of foundation. 

Now.. if someone wants to get me the Bobby Brown University palette for 250$, I would be forever grateful!

 Yes?? No??


Wether you like her or not.. she does something to everyone.  I mean, personally, the woman kinda scares me… I can’t lie! 
But her body is (or was) out of this world crazy! Her legs goe on forever and she has some of the most amazing facial features I have ever seen..

Anyone with me on that?



I likes it me!!!!  lol!!!

Then again, I am obsessed with this woman and love everything she does!


What do you guys think?

Supposedly Mattel is getting getting to launch the teenaged-up version of Dora.. Lord am I getting old or what?!?!?!?




teen Dora


When cartoons get old, it’s a definite sign that YOU gettin’ old!!

The new Dora looks kinda ‘Beyoncified’ if you asked me, but at least she is not nearly as scandalous as the Bratz things…


Bruised Rihanna


I can’t even manage to express what I feel. Seeing her like this really broke my heart. Of course, not to be bias, I have no idea what went down.. However, no one deserves to be beaten or bitten like this..




One of my biggest makeup pet peeves is probably a bad eyeliner line.  And how to properly apply eyeliner is probably one of the questions i get asked the most. 


Lining the eyes with liner, really makes them stand out.  

If necessary, curl your lashes for an eye-opening look, before you apply any makeup. 

– Prep the lids with a primer if you are going to used eyeshadow.

-Always use freshly sharpen pencil. 

-If you are going to used liquid eyeliner, only used it for the top lid and a pencil for the bottom one.

– For the top lid, always go from inner corner to out.

– For the bottom lid, always go from outer corner to in.

– Liner should start where the lashes begin and stop.




 Here are 4 simple steps…

1. Gently pull the corner of the eye to smooth any ripples and to keep the skin extended.

2. At the inner most point of your eye, start drawing a straight line.

3. Stay as close as possible to the lash line and keep pulling on the skin gently, this makes the process much easier.

4. For a simple day look, keep the line thin and elegant. 












5. For an evening or more dramatic look.  Use a thick eyeliner, apply a generous amount following the steps mentioned above and smug it a little for a sexy look like the one in the picture below.


Connect the dots…

Another way to do it is by doting.  To get the eyeliner straight, put some small dots along the lid and simply joint them. 


Easy enough!  Right…


** Eyeliner picture found on Google, but props to the owner who let me know it was originally from her site:



All hail the First Lady…




Designers are loosing their minds over the opportunity to design the First Lady’s gown for the January 20th inauguration.

Take a look at wwd.com for the complete list of designs for Michelle, and here to see what they have planned for Malia and Sasha.. 

I am truly baffled by this unexpected presidency.  May God bless & protect  them.


Is there anyone out there who can help me… I NEEEEEEEEED  to know where that purple dress Michelle Williams is wearing in her video ‘ The greatest’ is from…  

I couldn’t find any info on it.. not even any pictures online… 





Ok.. ya’ll already know I am obsessed with lips!!  And not to sound ungrateful, but Body Shop who????

I am  now faithfully dedicated to Victoria Secret’ Beauty Rush lip gloss..  Great color, scent and texture… Some even have some light glitters in it…  Lovely…


I am sure ‘Vicky’ can use of all the good publicity possible after last week’s drama!!  So thumbs up for their Beauty Rush lip gloss..




I am so sad…

One of my first ever post (if not the first one..) was on this artist..  Lord, talk about a  fall from grace… 

Guess who?

Everybody!!  wether  you  speak french or not, GO OUT AND BUY THIS ALBUM NOW!!! 


With his signature charismatic voice, the singer, who’s maturity definitely show on this second album,  will take you on an exotic ride with sounds and words.

Did I mention the man was gorgeous?!???!!! 

But, most important of all, he is a Montreal born artist with a extraordinary amount of talent!  Somewhere between R&B, soul, reggae and carribean, his music has a fresh vintage sound that will make you travel through all types of emotions!!


   The song ‘Mon Frere’ is an emotional testimony, whereas the duo with Vitaa ‘Tu Peux Choisir’  is a beautiful song reminiscent of something we would hear from Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrel…


Wow.. the album is something else.. the sound is like a perfect chocolate Sunday on a warm summer day or a good mint tea on a cold winter evening..

Like I said, wether you speak french or not!!! Get the album!





That’s all I wanted to say..

One of the request I get the most ( And remember, you can always email me for personal requests and questions at: prettybychoice@gmail.com)…  is probably the smokey eye.. black girls, white girls, asian girl.. a melting pot of culture who all want to join together for one common cause.. the smokey eye!! lol!!

I already did a post on a very simple way to get it done.. today.. lets tackle a version full of attitude.



The smokey eye usually is made with different shades of the same color palette.. Here we are going a little crazy with the color on the upper lid and a very thick eyeliner… 

Here we go:

– Follow the usual steps we always talk about..we want to work with cleaned moisturized skin!

– Use a flesh color to underline the area just under the eyebrow

– On the brow bone apply the color of your choice.. in this picture it is a dark grey-blue color

– Now, blend a dark, matte black on the lid just under the brow bone ( where we put the grey-blue)

– BLEND WELL at the crease

– Line the entire eye (upper and lower) with a nice thick line of eyeliner

-Finish with a coat of black mascara!!


there you go!!  Top all this with a sexy red lip and not one person will be able to resist you!!!

     Now, by my tone you would think I’m not for it.. right… Actually the idea is ingenious and innovative and it is not every day that there are groundbreaking changes in the makeup world.  The patterns and colors are interesting… HOWEVER, I have quite a few issues…



  1. They DO NOT fit every size eye…    
  2. Even the step by-step instructions are basic, there is some cleaning up & blending to do..
  3. Some of the patterns are quite… Corny to say the least…
  4. Quite expensive, about 20$ for a set of 5… For 20$ get a great Pupa eye shadow that will last you forever!!
  5. Does not work well with small, close set eyes or Asian eyes or basically.. any kind of eye shape that is not ‘typical’
  6. Sometime ends up looking thick and ‘cacky’
  7. No alternative of colors, you get what you get!







1.         Original and interesting patterns and colors

2.         Easy to use

3.         Mostly mineral cream based and hypo-allergic, therefore, good for the skin

4.         Most brands contain a setting powder for application

5.         Practical for those who are not very skillful in the ‘art’ of eye shadowing




Now… is this the end of ‘normal’ eye shadow???  I think not!  I personally love playing around with colors and textures, and this takes out half of the fun in makeup!   However it does provide a quick alternative to woman who do not have the time, patience or skills to actually create a look of their own… 


This inventive product is available with Avon and  ColorOn is available at  Sephora



I can’t lie, there are day where i truly feel like ihave watermelons growing under my eyeballs…  You feel tired, heavy and just not cute!

Worry no more!!! Benifit has this great little gel, the Action Eye Gel and it actually really works.  

Well I tried in on my bags, once,  and not only did it feel cool and fresh, it smelled good.  

The product truly seemed to firm, or  tighten the skin around my eyes!

Al you do to apply is tap on the desired area!  



Between 26$-30$ it is a nice investment.

Don’t be scarred this great, practical little tool from Sephora lets you correct these mishaps!  It removes eyeliner,eyeshadow  or even mascara without destroying the rest of your hard work!!

It seems like in Spring 2008, navy blue will be the color to look for… ‘Snorkel blue’ to be exact.  This is what the Pantone Color Institute – the premiere color authority- announced in the Pantone Color Report Spring 2008.   


In the spirit of blue, I tried this fantastic Pupa blue eyeshadow… pictures will be up soon so you can let me know what you think.     

 The product itself is pretty amazing.. it applies smoothly and on Pupa’s site they explain that it is made of two agents allowing the separation of lashes one by one.  It is indeed very thick, without feeling heavy at all. 

I didn’t not like the brush, I thought it was too big and to round, however the bristles are smooth and effective.

The product sells for about 25$ (CAN)



Thanks to reader Kpriss who put me on to these wonderful Louboutin’s.  These snakeskin stilettos nammed ‘Declic’ go for about 1400$ (Lord!)  But my gosh, are they ever gorgeous!!

Thanks Kpriss.. ladies what do yall think??

Would you wear these??  shoes.jpg  I LUVVVVVVVVV THEM!!! What do yall think? 

while we on the topic of Rihanna.. what do you think of this look on her?   More Rihanna. 

Damn Rihrih.. looking good!!!



Not that I have ever been the biggest fan.. but I gotta say.. RIAHANA IS LOOKING FIERCE!!!!  I love the hair, love the look.. love it love it love it…

 rihanna-killin.jpg HTNESS!!!!

Just had to share that with you guys… Let me know what ya’ll think!

To my dear blog readers..  I am not far but I’ve been working on so many things .. i havnt had time to post as often as  I would like to!!  I have answered most of your emails personnaly and will continue to do so!!  Bear with me, I’ll be back soon with fantastic tips and trick.. and of course a bit of gossip!! Lili 

Unfortunately…However there are ways to keep your skin looking and feeling good… There is a lot less humidity in the atmosphere during this great season, causing anything from sever skin irritation to flaky scalp to chapped lips!! 

 Skin– As always.. moisturize, moisturize, moisturize…  You should always use cream with  sun protection.. summer or winter..  Do not skip night cream!! EVER! But make sure to pick a richer facial moisturizer for the winter and apply it to damp skin. – Exfoliate lightly to remove flaky skin ( once a week is good)- Use a mild cleanser and rise with lukewarm water.- Unless you have very oily skin, skip the toner. – In some cases, using a humidifier in the house helps putting moisture back in the air.  

Makeup  – Try a slightly softer mascara like a dark purple or dark brown- Smokey eyes look best in summer..  do a cinnamon  or coffee one..Or be daring and try a nice shade of eggplant. – You might want to use a creamy blusher.. but too much shimmer in the winter can look shinny and glaring. – For the finished look, matte foundation is better for the cold season. 

 Lips – For every day look, nudes or a bit of your concealer with some lip balm look great!- For a night look, deep red or warm red/brown look real good in winter and adds life to the face.- Lip balm rocks!! Chapstick, BurtBees or even the $.99 Avon one all work real well.  As long as you seal the moisture and provide protection from the wind.  You need to up your routine just a bit to make sure you keep the skin protect and well kept for the best season ever!! SUMMER!!! 

I dont know guys… sometimes i love.. sometimes I dont.. Booties can be hot.. but honnestly some people just don’t rock them proprely..

Ladies and gentleman.. I present to you.. The Bootie..







Ladies.. are you feeling the bootie??

Ladies and gents…

 I decided to play around with colors on my face…


Here is the story.. I was going out, had nothing fancy or colorful to wear.. so I decided to dress up my face!!

 Let me know what you think of the look.. The idea here is that woman of color, should not be afraid to have a little fun with their face.

I am sporting here a glowy, earthy, golden look… (I guess I could call it like that)

I have two different greens & some pink gold.. for a subtle smokey eye.  Next time I will give you a close-up because people keep asking me about the smokey eye look…

On my cheeks.. a  light pink and a darker one color on my lips.

 AND.. and light gloden bronzing powder over the whole thing….

 WHAT DO YOU THINK???!?!?!  

I will post more and more colorfull faces!!  This is my new mission!!

To color woman of all color!!!!

p.s. I guess the whole ‘Barbie Loves Mac’  thing got to me…


I know.. I know.. I am soooo late on this one.. but you know what they say.. better late then sorry…

So there we go..  a couple of months ago.. MAC came out with their latest collection… Barbie Loves MAC, the first color collabo between MAC and Mattel inspired by no other than the sexy Barbie….

barbielovesmac.jpg  And this is what you get!!! 

Honestly the colors are gorgeous… highly pigmented pink and gorgeous greens… 

But is it wearable??? 

 I would, without a second thought, rock this.. there are always great combinations of color possible for woman of all ethnicity.. But people are scarred of ending up looking like drag queens.. understandingly…


 As much as I have issues with Barbie and her ridiculously  unrealistic body..  I was impressed by the versatility of the colors…  They truly really look amazing!

Let me know if you think a look like this would be wearable..


While we are it… plllllllease let me know that I’m not the only one in the world with issues about Barbie!!!!!


Ok.. I was so .. hum.. disappointed by Smashbox’s ‘revolutionnary’ product, that I was truly hoping Dior was going to change my bias view of these supposedly skin -reversal makeup product…

Well it is just as uneffective as the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer.  Actually.. the Samshbox one was better for a couple reasons:  It’s 36$.. not 80$ Like Dior’s and it actually did leave the skin much smoother as the Dior one did… but I guess I just expected so much more from a 80$ product!!  They basically act as great moisturizers.. but they sure don’t deliver their miraculous promises!!



– The skin feels moisturized and smooth.

– Nice pump bottle


– The price is ridiculous for what the product actually does

– Doesn’t deliver it’s promises

– Hard to find, lots of departments stores and pharmacies do not carry it.

– Might cause breakouts.

– Kind of ‘pills’ the foundation sometimes

and hum.. the price!!!

Overall.. another ‘mesh; product for me.. again a good moisturizer will do the exact same thing!!


I dont even know what to think anymore…

My dear pretty friends…

 I know I havnt been taking very good care of you lately..   But I have a very good excuse… my friends and I are trying to jumpstart a little project!!! 

Let me know what you think!! 

 And keep in my these are the outtakes… the final cut will be even better!!


Well…. I guess the celebs have already decided that it is hot it seems like every onef rom Madonna to Ashlee Simpson have been rocking the new Yves Saint-Laurent tote.


I don’t know.. the bag is really just  ‘meeh’ for me..

What do yall think?


Rose or Carmen??

Both of these ladies ( both flower names by the way!)  One is screaming sex appeal, the other one adorable.. wich one do you prefer?

Please people OF ALL COLOR!! The sun is hitting hard these days.. Protect the only skin you will ever have!!

 When choosing a SPF lotion, defining the type of skin you have is very important: 1) Always burns, never tans; sensitive to exposure; redheaded, freckles, Celtic background

2) Burns easily, tans minimally; fair-skinned, fair-haired, blue, green or gray eyes, Caucasians

3) Burns moderately, tans gradually to light brown; average Caucasian skin

4) Burns minimally, always tans well to moderately brown; olive skin

5) Rarely burns, tans profusely to dark; brown skin

6) Rarely burns, least sensitive; deeply pigmented skin including African Americans

The sun-protection-factor (SPF) rating system, which was introduced in 1978, is basically a measure of the amount of time it takes your skin to burn — and that depends on how fair or dark your skin is. So the lighter your skin, the faster you burn! That don’t mean black people don’t burn. Its just that it takes longer. If your unprotected skin turns pink after, say, 10 minutes of sun exposure, then it would take 15 times as long, or 150 minutes, when you’re wearing an SPF 15. The SPF number also indicates what percentage of UV rays the product blocks. An SPF 2 blocks 50 percent of rays, an SPF 15 blocks 93 percent, and an SPF 30 blocks 97 percent. Any SPF higher than 30 gives you only marginally more protection, which is why doctors often say that SPF 30 is as high as anyone needs to go.

Did you know this?!?!

Your skin is thelargest organ of your body… PROTECT IT!!

There are some foods you can eat to help with the UV damage caused by the sun. Try tomatoes, watermelon, bleuberries and green tea

Over 90% of all skin cancers occur on part of the body exposed to the sun

Between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. the sun’s ray are strongest.

You should let waterproof sunscreen dry for 10 minutes before going in the water

Salon’s uv lights are just as damagin as the sun!

Remember the three 6’s:

1) Sunscreen is not approved for infants younger then 6 months

2) Kids under 6 are extremely hypersensitive to sun

3) Over 60’skin is thinner and can burn and be damage more then at any stage of adult life. Wear sunglasses and protective clothing, such as hats.

No matter what skin type you have.. anyone can be at risk! The sun doesn’t discriminate


Again.. Take care of your skin

Say what you want about her… myself. I am definetly not her biggest fan.. But I must say the girl looks wicked!! And she is honnestly very pretty at that..images.jpg







I am so jealous!!


rupaul4.jpg Honnestly.. she.. er.. HE looks real good..  The makeup is flawless!!!!

There is nothing prettier then sandals in the summer…  I mean, not everyody has pretty feet.. but we can all make sure out toes look their best before exposing them to the world.. 

 There is nothing NASTIER that cracked, dry, dirty toes in sandals.. that is a big big big NO NO.. 

So ladies here are a couple of simple tips and tricks to keep those feet decent…  Now,  let me run to the bathroom and throw from this picture…. Beeeuuurrccckkk


1)  Soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes ..  You can use the expensive stuff.. or add some bath salts, a little bit of bubble bath and some olive oil.  ( YES olive oil!!) The bubble bath soap will clean, the bath salts (or sea salt if you dont have any) will softne up dry skin and the olive oil wil moisturize.  If you have more time on your hands… luxuriate with some nice music and some candles..

2) Use toothbrush to brush the side of each toenail.    Massage a exfoliating scrub at the bottom of your foot and then use a pumice stone or and GOOD foot file, while the scrub is still on.  (Please do invest in a good foot file, it should feel like medium-grade sanding paper)  Slough aways dead skin. buff down those calluses to give your feet that smooth feeling.  Rinse away everything with cool water.

3) Trim your toenails in a squarish shape in order to prevent ingrown nails.  gently push back cuticules with a towel or an orange stick.. Try not to cut.. unless neccessary. 

4) Massage your feet for a couple of minutes with a nice moisturizing cream, massage in long upward motions..  Try to massage your feet every night even if it is only for one minute!!!  It’ll make the skin look fantastic, it relaxes tired feet and just feels damn good!!!

 5) Finish with the polish.. personally for me, two extremes.  Either a nude or a nice buff…  Or a very bright red or coral for special occassions!!

Feet matter, take care of them!


WOW..   Again.. I am a thief.. I stole this pic from my dear new friend FashionBoy and my crime is justified…

 I am in looo000ooo00ove!!!!!  I want want want this yellow treasure!!!  It is the simplest, cutest thing ever for the summer!!


Now my personal take on this..

Since you guys were quick to give your opinion.. please do so again.

Tell me wich look you prefer on me!!  Summer is here.. need to revamp my spirits!!! 

Can’t wait to hear what you think!


I just HAD to steal this from TeamSugar…  I absolutely want to know what you guys think of those dramatic changes??

I personally love short hair and I am loving all of those new ladie’s look… EXCEPT for Michelle Williams..  I just find that the cut makes her look.. older… plain..

Don’t like it…

What do yall think??


What do you guys think of this new little number??

max-zaria-embroidered-cocoon-dress.jpgI am lovvvvvvvving it!!  This coton emroidered dress had a Ethnic,  Africa meets Vintage look to it!! 

 I am feeling it!!  ( I must mention it is 480$ wich made me gulp twice!!)  But still..  I LOVE IT!!

Ok… I dont want to sound mean… but WHAT THE HELL!! You do the crime.. (you get caught) then you do then damn time. Paris is no different then the rest of the world.. I truly hope she serves her full sentence, learns a couple lessons and comes out of this mess wiser… but to be honnest she’s probably just gonna be more famous dammit!!

Boohooow.. sniff sniff.. poor baby crying.. poor poor baby..


This is my new mission in life!!! I WANT THIS!! Does anyone have any idea where I can find pants like this..

I mean not the Marc Jocob ones.. but just like these at a price my pockets can afford!!! I am sendigna cry for help to the world!! H-E-L-P!!!

She is baaaack!!

Well not that she ever left, but I am feeling tis new cut.. or weave or wig..

I am feeling it!

Please email me at prettybychoice@gmail.com and i promise to get back to you in a flash!!

For all you ladies out there who haven’t yet attempted the sultry smokey eye look.. here is the easiest, simplest way to achieve it. 


 Revlon has this new product called ‘Bedroom Eyes’.  The sponge brush and loose powder are genius!! 


To get this simple look, you will need:

-Revlon’s Bedroom eyes – Eyeliner – Mascara,  eyeshadow base or just a flesh colored eyeshadow.

This is gonna be extremely easy:  

1)  Apply a bit of the eyeshadow base or the eye shadow on the upper lid.

2) Apply eyeliner in a nice straight line (my pet peeve!!)  You can match the eyeliner with the chosen color of the Revlon Bedroom eye.  I got the violet one.. changed my life!!!

3) Apply thick line of about 2cm of the Bedroom eye on the top lid.

4) Apply a slightly thinner line on the bottom lid. Smudge top and bottom with fingers

5) Apply your mascara.

That is it!!!!

 The drawing is an excellent guideline.. but seriously this is very very simple.  Please try and let me know or send me pictures!!!!

Well.. it was all an ox… I mean the show was on.. but the whole thing was put on in order to get the population aware of the critical issues related to transplants… ans transplant lists..


I am baffled..

I dont know about yall.. but there is sumtin fishy about this girl.


I can’t hate though.. she has a certain.. ‘Je ne sais quoi…”