Just had to stop by and let you know about this fabulous voice that I feLl on.. Amy Winehouse… You will also come to find out as our relationship grows.. that I love love love Miss Lauryn Hill… and we will talk about her very soon.. Anyways.. this Amy Winehouse girl has very very interesting voice that is very reminiscing of my dear Lauryn.. I LOVE IT!!

Like many ‘genius’ she peculiar!!! Wow.. I mean i found out about this girl last year.. But boy does she keep herself in the news..
She is said to suffer or to have suffered of anorexia, depression, alcoholism.. and the list goes on… She is also said to have been in Jail, violated parole, getting high, skipping school.. You know.. the usual teenage drama??!?!

Her material is very raw and.. different.. And the first time I heard her I was convinced she was black.. She sounds like one of the Jazz singers from he 40’s.. a kinda jazzy.. Bluesy sound..
My girl has some serious material..

I can’t lie… It was very hard for me to accept that this ‘rauqe’ voice belong top the self-proclaimed: ‘ Little White Jewish Girl’