“I want a girl with extensions in her hair
Bamboo earrings at least two pair….”

LL COOL J. – Around the Way Girl

In the late 80’s, early 90’s… You were not ‘in’ if you weren’t rocking pair of bamboo earrings.. Imagine my surprise walking into H&M a couple of weeks ago.. and what do I see!!! Bamboo earrings.. This is crazy!! Back in the days those were the item to have!! They came in all size and shape.. from the triangular to the heart shaped ones.. to the ones with your name in the middle…

Music often leads fashion.. or influences fashion and this is a true example… Rappers, hip-hop heads were talking about them, rapping about them, females were wearing them proudly.. And those ‘hood-classics’ became an instant hit..

The fans of ‘Sex In The City’ might have even noticed them on Carrie Bradshaw… Or more recently Jessica Simspon has been spotted wearing them..
Anyways… all this to say they are back.. They might not be bold and ghetto-fabulous as they were back then… They might look more sophisticated or slicker… or more expensive.. But the fact is, bamboo earring are back and I’m getting myself a pair!
The ‘Doorknocker’ ones will forever remind me of a time when the Hip-Hop was precious and special…
I guess they are right when they say never to throw anything away..