You will find this out with time and as our relationship strenghtens… I LOOOOVE MAKEUP!!! (in case you havn’t figured that out already!!)… What I mean is that I love how a feeling can translate into a look.. How, if you feel flirty a big of blush will make you feel like you are on top of the world.. or if you are feeling sexy a deep crimson red lipstick will be the final touch to your outfit.. there is one thing however that I cannot stand.. TOO MUCH!! Too much of anything is a disaster.. Too much is just wrong wrong wrong…

If you scratch your face and you have 3 inches of gummy chewy stuff stuck under you nails..

Too much…

If your friends don’t recognise you in the morning.. and scream and cry when they realize it really is you…

Too much….

If when you sneeze and blow your nose you have to hide the tissue…

Too much!!!

here are a couple of tips to make sure your face is not overly done:

Check your self in a natural light: Don’t wait to see your self in your car’s mirror, on your way out to have a heart attack.

Find the right colors: Wether it is foundation or powder make sure to find the right match.. Have a winter color and a summer color, Because most human beings do get darker with the summer sun.. .. And if you are not confortable, ask a professional for help.

Frame your face: A simple step that makes quite a difference.. Find the right shape for your eyebrows! People do not realize how important they are.. They litterally shape your face and can make or breake a look.. and I am not exagerating!!

Everything else you do should enhance your look, not change it or hide it.. WE ARE ALREADY PRETTY!!

Furthermore.. too much makeup will clog your pores and ruin you skin.. and you might end up thinking you look hot.. but really looking like this:

HA HA HA!!!!