Ok.. I can’t lie… mine is a mess.. no matter how often i try to fix
it.. arrange it.. clean it..my good intentions never last for very
long and it always ends up looking like a mess… but I think what
really matters is not really the state of my bag.. but more what’s in there…Here is a list of the precious items I always carry with me!!

-LIP GLOSS.. I personally cannot live without the Body Shop’s Born lippy in strawberry.. ( read my THE BOMB item of the week #1)

-MASCARA : Nothing can touch Lancome.. Their mascara is
literally know around th world and some say there really isn’t any
other like it… It’s a bit pricey.. but for that price you actually
get a fabulous brush.. and an amazing prduct…i always carry their ‘Fatale’ with me

*those are really the two things that i cannot live without., and I actually just throw them in my handbag most of the times… but when I actually carry my makeup bag, here is everything else I have in there…

IMAN Pressed powder…. I looooooooooove my pressed powder.. especially a great quality one.. And this one not only is a perfect match to my skin tone.. but because of its
consistency, it works well in winter as well as summer months.

Blush: Iman
Portable perfume: Ameretti by Tutti Dolci
Eye shadows: Rimmel.. they have very nice and affordable color palattes
Black eyeliner
Neutrogena Pore refining cream

Whats in your makeup bag?? And is there anyone out there who has a
trick to keep it clean
… pleeeeeeeeease share the wealth…