You guys will slowly be introduced to all the categories of my blog and I am officially introducing the most recent one… FASHION ICON!!!

There are some stars that simply inspire me when it comes to style.. thanks to our our friends here at Google.. here are a couple of pics of my dear Miss hill.. I love her!!

The lady has a simple, yet original style. Her flair, her look is absolutely radiant and very sexy. She mixes afrocentric pieces and textures to what is in right now.. I adore this woman’s sense of fashion.. Did I mention that I love her??


Enough said.

OK OK.. I have to admit.. she hasn’t been very.. hum.. glamorous looking lately… She is a bit out there.. but you know what.. You can only be yourself.. And she is PRETTY BY CHOICE.. in her own way… And I love her even more for that…

But she’ll be back.. I know she will…