Facial scrubs are the unsung hero of facial care, they cost very little and are some of the easiest wait to to improve, maitain and care for the skin we are stuck with for the rest of our lives.

They usually come in thick creams or gels that all work the same way. They have tiny particules that remove or dislodge dead skin cells. The removal of those dead cells from the outter layer of the skin, stimulates and promotes new cell growth.
They work well on almost any type of skin because there are so many different makes and textures.
They really should not be used more then twice a week because they can become abrasive, however a good face scrub will give you the impression of erasing wrinkles, makes your skin feel soft and smooth and some also prevent blemishes, zits, blackheads…

And here a couple that I sacrificed my sking to try..

St.Ives Medicated Apricot Scrub: one of the cheapest ones out there.. and believe or not .. it is absolutely great and it is my favorite one .. the thick cream is packed with bits of ground apricot kernel.. it was really really nice and it is the one I use on a regular basis. my skin was smooth, cleaned and soft.. it doesn’t do much for pore.. i have to admit, but since i do not have big issues in that departement .. I LOVE IT!

PROS: cost-effective, very affordable, helps prevents blackheads and blemishes.
CONS: the ground grains might be abrasive to sensitive skins.

Avon Sweet Finish Sugar Scrub: belive you me.. I AM NOT the biggest Avon fan.. but I must admit I love love love this product.. The texture is nice.. the smell is nice.. the beads are nice and effective.. and I can actually feel them working on my skin.. And i always have this fresh, youthfull feeling after using it.
PROS: Inexpensive, good for all skin types, nice scent, very gentle, rinses clean easily.
CONS: Here again, hard particules might be a little abrasive on gentler skins.

Aveeno: skin brightening daily scrub
This scrub did not impress me at all.. this cant even be called gentle.. it was more like.. hum.. invisible.. the beads were way too small. It felt like a nice cleanser more than anything else. For all the talk I heard about this.. once I tried it.. I was really just ‘meh’ about it!
PROS: hum.. I dunno.. Actually.. you can substitute this and use it as a good cleanser.. Good for extra extra extra sensitive skin..
CONS: no exfoliating action, expensive for nothing, WHY THE HELL DO THEY CALL IT BRIGHTENING??

Burt’s Bees Citrus Facial Scrub: This one is made out of ground almonds, orange peel and rose petals. smelled real good but i personally did not find it that very effective.. It left a filmy residue on my face and read this somewhere: when you swipe your face, you can actually see the gunk that it left behind.. hum.. I really wasn’t that impressed.
PROS: It is 99.9% natural, those whit dry skin might find this costy item worthy.
CONS: It is 99.9% natural (ha ha ha) therefore cannot be saved very long, someone claimed to have found mold on the lid.. hum.. YACK! It was messybecause of the glass jar, my face didn’t feel so so clean afterwards, lid of the jar can rust, expensive…

Ladies.. there it is.. my skin went through ups and downs and honnestly.. the two more expensive ones.. didnt cut it for me..

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