Since we’ on the nail topic… This spring and summer, ppppppllllease let go of those long overdesigned claws..OUT!! GONE!! ENOUGH!!. Enough!!
This season classy nails are back… The yummy, blushing, sheer, candy pinks are in. Thankfully pink looks good on almost anyone. Another great thing, light colors are esier to maintain that daker shades.

Always start with a base coat. Let it dry very well.. Then apply two coats (let dry in between) of your favorite nude beige or pinks.. Your nails will look natural yet fabulous!


~ keep you nails short and sexy this season

~If you are going to be exposed to the sun or going to the beach, put on a coat of nail polish with sun-block in it like, it should have some ultra violet bloack wish will revent the nail polish to change color

~ follow the shape of your cuticules to determine shape of your nail; If your cuticules are round give nails roundish shape. If your cuticules are square, keep nails in a square shape..

~Always moisturize cuticules.. the best way is with oil.. but if you are stuck without any, a very good hand cream or even lip balm will do.

-Drink lots of water, keeping the body hydrate affects every body part.. even nails!!