I don't know how yall feel about imitations... But there are people out there who make fakes that are so convincing that it is almost impossible to know them from the real ones..


To top it off, some manufacturers concentrate strictly on making fakes... They get away with it by saying that the items are 'inspired' by Gucci.. by Burberry.. by Prada or whatever.. Wow!!!!!!

But come on now.. lets keep it real!! They have the nerve to even put the picture of whom they stole the style from!!!

For all of those who want to mimic their favorite celebritie's style... Go visit AnyKnockOff... You won't believe it!!

There are also some street vendors in the streets of NYC!! Doing their thing boy!! I fell on this while reading one of my fellow blogger's site (Sorry I don't remember where.. So please don't sue meeeeeeeee!!)

kennethjaylane113.jpgThis beautiful Kenneth Jay Lane resin pendant is sold for 113$ US.. However and almost EXACT copy was found from a street vendor for 20$ US!!!street20.jpg

Now...not only do I think this necklace is gorgeous.. but ask anyone who knows me.. I LOVE strawberries...  I gotta be honest!!! I would cop the knockoff in a second!!  For 20$.. Helllll yeah!!!