dngoriginal1.jpg                            Dolce & Gabbana were heavily criticised over this add (that they had to pull out) because of  some individuals and human rights groups' uproar...  I mean the picture clearly shows a man holding down a woman while his homies look on.. but honnestly I would have never even thought of rape until I started reading all types of stuff on the net... To be honest the chick in the picture doesn't look very afraid to me.. and to top it off there is some pelvis action going on.. she is pulling herself towards the dude...  HELLLLO!!!!.. don't we all know what that motion means??!! I dunno man..  I just think the whole rape theory is a bit far fetched... Even thought now that I have been tainted, I can see where they could get the idea from..  Dolce & Gabbana say they were simply trying to recreate a game of seduction and that it was never their intention to offend anyone or promote violence against woman..In any case, their adds are ALWAYS very racy!!  Very sexual and at times a bit weird...drigkidnap1.jpgSo what did people say about this add? That they drugged and are kidnapped those woman??

Or these ones, that they are promoting male-on-male activities??dolce_gabbana_ads42.jpg dolce_gabbana.jpg


WHO CARES!!! They are adds!!!  And the clothes look 'fiyah'!!  Who cares!!

What do ya'll feel about this madness??