I have been meaning to do this for a while now, but I keep forgetting..
I hope I do not get stoned because of this.. but there is this new product.. hum.. that is suppose to completely change the way we do makeup.. and honestly I was just.. ‘meh‘ about it..

Smashbox claims that this product will create a perfect canvas for makeup by filling fine lines and pores and making skin appear velvety. You put it on after moisturizing.. but before the foundation..

I tried this product on 5 beautiful ladies (including myself.. he he he!!) and those are the comments I got back:

Pas:       PROS ~ ”Skin felt smoother. She liked that even thought it LOOKED like it was a greasy product in the bottle that it did NOT feel greasy to the touch. my face DID look smoother.”

NN:       PROS: Very nice looking bottle.. gives skin a velvety finish

               CONS:  A little weird to the touch.

Miss V:  PROS: Felt very smooth

               CONS: feel greasy even thought it doesn’t look it.. took to long to ‘dry’. Also felt like the product was peeling…

Jo:          PROS: Great!! I love it.. specially now that I am getting very little lines around my eyes, it made them disappear.

               CONS: Too expensive.

ME!!!:    PROS ~ Non drying, nice barrier between skin and foundation.. nice smooth feel..It also give the skin a nice glowing undertone.

               CONS ~ A bit greasy when applying but not on the skin, PRICEY!!!, but in all fairness the bottle will last forever and it makes any dull, cheap foundation look nice and last longer. Too many promises that it just doesn’t accomplish… I dont like glass jars for makeup…

In conclusion… I  don’t know if I will ever make this part of my beauty regiment..  And lots of people wont bother because of the expensive tag.  The ladies seemed to think it was a good smoothing product…  but to be honest any  good moisturiser will do the exact same thing.. For me.. this product wast just.. ‘meh’..