gb2.jpgOne of the most famous supermodels and the highest paid in the world… Gisele Bündchen, 26, parts from Victoria Secret…. The rumored reason for her split is that she wanted a 5 MILLION $$$ RAISE and they wouldn’t give it to her… She is also said to have had outrageous demands, didn’t want to travel as much and did not want to performany in shows with Mr. DiCaprio’s current girlfriend..

Gisele also confirmed to PEOPLE  magasine she is actually very boyish and that she is ready for new challenges: “I would like to have different chapters in my life. I mean let’s be honest – I do this because it’s my job.” She also confided, “I’m not this girl all the time. People have a perception of me because of Victoria’s Secret that I’m sexy, but I’m not a sexy girl. I’m very tomboyish.” gisele-bundchen.jpg

And.. heu.. hum, the fact that she just signed a  multi-million dollar deal with Cacharel Perfume’s new fragrance Liberte probably made her leave easier…gisele-bundchen.jpg

 Well.. so long Gisele…