The REAL hottest trend in
Hollywood!!???.. CLOTHING LINES!!Back in the days, Charlie’s angels and Jaclyn Smith did their thing with Kmart.. .. but nowadays, it is BANANAS!!  Everybody and their mama feels the need to call themselves designers!! Music stars, actors, models.. even the hip hop community got  involved in this very lucrative  free for all starting with Phat Pharm in 1992..Now people.. we cant front.. most of the trends out there start with celebrities.. Kate Moss made the skinny jean paired with a ballet flat A MUST,  Sienna Miller killed the Bohemian look!!  But because a star looks  good in their thousand dollar outfits, carefully put together by their very well paid stylists,  it doesn’t necessarily mean they need to come out with their own line!              Celebrity endorsement is another hot trend.. you choose the right celebrity to endorse the right line and that all it takes to have the whole world excited about it.  Madonna is doing it for  H&M or more recently  Kate Moss and Topshop.. All they do is license their names to product lines and make a couple of millions!! simple as that,   I am so confused, don’t singers just wanna sing anymore? Here are a list of celebs that are involved  in the fashion world one way or another… 

twenty8twelve.jpg Sienna Miller: Twenty8Twelve80’s inspired line with her sister

Pete Doherty.. yes the ‘recovering’ drug addict is involved the the Gio-Goi,   spring/summer collection,  it will be  a mod inspired  high end collection of polo shirts, knitwear and jackets giogoi.jpg

willliam-rast.jpgJustin Timberlake:  William Rast.  J.T. and his boy started a denim based collection with a country chic flair.

 lamb.jpgGwen Stefani/L.A.M.BA Rastafarian rasta girl, ‘Orange county’,  English inspired look… weird but the girl does look originally hot..  

Beyonce: House Of Dereondereon.jpg


ghettoline.jpgMacy Gray: Gettho.. Heu..How appropriate..

Madonna: H&M madonna-h-and-m.jpg

And so many more:

Ryan Secrest, Wilmer Valderrama, Jennifer Lopez, Anna Nicole Smith,Penelope Cruz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Simpsons, Paula Abdul, Steve Harvey, Scarlett Johansson, Nicky Hilton, Elisabeth Hurley, Kylie Minioge, Kelis,  Pamela Anderson, Eve ( if she can stay off the liquor), Pharrell, Benjamin Andre, Kanye West, Jessica Alba, Lenny Kravitz, Nelly… There is even talk of Michael Jackson starting his own line.. but.. Lawd.LAWD!!.. what is this world coming to!!!

And I kid you not.. the list goes forever and ever more.. But what I find really weird at those in big public red carpet events or even when they are caught on the ‘regular time’ , they never wear their own stuff… Are they trying to tell us sumtin…