This weekend I went out for the first time in like  since forever…  The night was not the greatest I must say.. there was like 6 people in the first club and I had mix feelings about the music.. the second joint we hit.. had 6 MILION PEOPLE  up in there.. but it was just too crowded for me..  BUT WE LOOKED FABULOUS!!!! Ok.. so this is my girl NN and I looking cute..  It just felt real good to actually be out in the world!!

Ok.. first of.. give it up for my beautiful cousin who just gave birth like..hum.. two days ago!!

Now this is moi.. Trying to look sexy..


And finally.. this NN and I and on this pic you get to take a good look at this experimental blue eyeshadow..


 Enjoy the pic.. let me know what yall think about the looks!!