Ok.. I should have posted this 5 million years ago.. fine.. sue me!!!  but Gap sure is trying to take the classic white shirt to a whole new lenght.. 

Here is the story… yes again, I am late.. just kept forgetting..

Gap ain’t been doing very good lately.. I think they just don’t have a very good idea who to target with their trends.. I mean..who shops at Gap?? Their demographic is very unclear..  their sales have not been very good, their collections all seem… incomplete.. or not fully thought of.. and the quality of the clothes is often.. well, not great..

So they decide to jump on the bandwagon of celebrities endorsement..  and get these three new, hip designers: Doo.Ri, Rodarte and Thakoon,  winners of the CFDA/Vogue fashion fund, to design.. drrrrumrool!!…….  White shirts..


Granted.. the shirts look cute.. (from far, cause I really wasn’t impressed me the material that much..) 

And original (or is it…)


 But of all things.. white shirts??!!  How about redefining your sizes guys.. because (bless your hearts) I am not a size 6!!

They also got a full cover of Vogue with then models sporting their  goods.. voguemodels.jpg

Things are weird in Gap land and I don’t know if a handful of funky white shirts will be enough to cure the company..  I must say though, they are reporting a 4% increase in sales versus a 13% decline last year at the same period…