For all you ladies out there who haven’t yet attempted the sultry smokey eye look.. here is the easiest, simplest way to achieve it. 


 Revlon has this new product called ‘Bedroom Eyes’.  The sponge brush and loose powder are genius!! 


To get this simple look, you will need:

-Revlon’s Bedroom eyes – Eyeliner – Mascara,  eyeshadow base or just a flesh colored eyeshadow.

This is gonna be extremely easy:  

1)  Apply a bit of the eyeshadow base or the eye shadow on the upper lid.

2) Apply eyeliner in a nice straight line (my pet peeve!!)  You can match the eyeliner with the chosen color of the Revlon Bedroom eye.  I got the violet one.. changed my life!!!

3) Apply thick line of about 2cm of the Bedroom eye on the top lid.

4) Apply a slightly thinner line on the bottom lid. Smudge top and bottom with fingers

5) Apply your mascara.

That is it!!!!

 The drawing is an excellent guideline.. but seriously this is very very simple.  Please try and let me know or send me pictures!!!!