There is nothing prettier then sandals in the summer…  I mean, not everyody has pretty feet.. but we can all make sure out toes look their best before exposing them to the world.. 

 There is nothing NASTIER that cracked, dry, dirty toes in sandals.. that is a big big big NO NO.. 

So ladies here are a couple of simple tips and tricks to keep those feet decent…  Now,  let me run to the bathroom and throw from this picture…. Beeeuuurrccckkk


1)  Soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes ..  You can use the expensive stuff.. or add some bath salts, a little bit of bubble bath and some olive oil.  ( YES olive oil!!) The bubble bath soap will clean, the bath salts (or sea salt if you dont have any) will softne up dry skin and the olive oil wil moisturize.  If you have more time on your hands… luxuriate with some nice music and some candles..

2) Use toothbrush to brush the side of each toenail.    Massage a exfoliating scrub at the bottom of your foot and then use a pumice stone or and GOOD foot file, while the scrub is still on.  (Please do invest in a good foot file, it should feel like medium-grade sanding paper)  Slough aways dead skin. buff down those calluses to give your feet that smooth feeling.  Rinse away everything with cool water.

3) Trim your toenails in a squarish shape in order to prevent ingrown nails.  gently push back cuticules with a towel or an orange stick.. Try not to cut.. unless neccessary. 

4) Massage your feet for a couple of minutes with a nice moisturizing cream, massage in long upward motions..  Try to massage your feet every night even if it is only for one minute!!!  It’ll make the skin look fantastic, it relaxes tired feet and just feels damn good!!!

 5) Finish with the polish.. personally for me, two extremes.  Either a nude or a nice buff…  Or a very bright red or coral for special occassions!!

Feet matter, take care of them!