Ok.. I was so .. hum.. disappointed by Smashbox’s ‘revolutionnary’ product, that I was truly hoping Dior was going to change my bias view of these supposedly skin -reversal makeup product…

Well it is just as uneffective as the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer.  Actually.. the Samshbox one was better for a couple reasons:  It’s 36$.. not 80$ Like Dior’s and it actually did leave the skin much smoother as the Dior one did… but I guess I just expected so much more from a 80$ product!!  They basically act as great moisturizers.. but they sure don’t deliver their miraculous promises!!



– The skin feels moisturized and smooth.

– Nice pump bottle


– The price is ridiculous for what the product actually does

– Doesn’t deliver it’s promises

– Hard to find, lots of departments stores and pharmacies do not carry it.

– Might cause breakouts.

– Kind of ‘pills’ the foundation sometimes

and hum.. the price!!!

Overall.. another ‘mesh; product for me.. again a good moisturizer will do the exact same thing!!