Ladies and gents…

 I decided to play around with colors on my face…


Here is the story.. I was going out, had nothing fancy or colorful to wear.. so I decided to dress up my face!!

 Let me know what you think of the look.. The idea here is that woman of color, should not be afraid to have a little fun with their face.

I am sporting here a glowy, earthy, golden look… (I guess I could call it like that)

I have two different greens & some pink gold.. for a subtle smokey eye.  Next time I will give you a close-up because people keep asking me about the smokey eye look…

On my cheeks.. a  light pink and a darker one color on my lips.

 AND.. and light gloden bronzing powder over the whole thing….

 WHAT DO YOU THINK???!?!?!  

I will post more and more colorfull faces!!  This is my new mission!!

To color woman of all color!!!!

p.s. I guess the whole ‘Barbie Loves Mac’  thing got to me…