Unfortunately…However there are ways to keep your skin looking and feeling good… There is a lot less humidity in the atmosphere during this great season, causing anything from sever skin irritation to flaky scalp to chapped lips!! 

 Skin– As always.. moisturize, moisturize, moisturize…  You should always use cream with  sun protection.. summer or winter..  Do not skip night cream!! EVER! But make sure to pick a richer facial moisturizer for the winter and apply it to damp skin. – Exfoliate lightly to remove flaky skin ( once a week is good)- Use a mild cleanser and rise with lukewarm water.- Unless you have very oily skin, skip the toner. – In some cases, using a humidifier in the house helps putting moisture back in the air.  

Makeup  – Try a slightly softer mascara like a dark purple or dark brown- Smokey eyes look best in summer..  do a cinnamon  or coffee one..Or be daring and try a nice shade of eggplant. – You might want to use a creamy blusher.. but too much shimmer in the winter can look shinny and glaring. – For the finished look, matte foundation is better for the cold season. 

 Lips – For every day look, nudes or a bit of your concealer with some lip balm look great!- For a night look, deep red or warm red/brown look real good in winter and adds life to the face.- Lip balm rocks!! Chapstick, BurtBees or even the $.99 Avon one all work real well.  As long as you seal the moisture and provide protection from the wind.  You need to up your routine just a bit to make sure you keep the skin protect and well kept for the best season ever!! SUMMER!!!