Now, by my tone you would think I’m not for it.. right… Actually the idea is ingenious and innovative and it is not every day that there are groundbreaking changes in the makeup world.  The patterns and colors are interesting… HOWEVER, I have quite a few issues…



  1. They DO NOT fit every size eye…    
  2. Even the step by-step instructions are basic, there is some cleaning up & blending to do..
  3. Some of the patterns are quite… Corny to say the least…
  4. Quite expensive, about 20$ for a set of 5… For 20$ get a great Pupa eye shadow that will last you forever!!
  5. Does not work well with small, close set eyes or Asian eyes or basically.. any kind of eye shape that is not ‘typical’
  6. Sometime ends up looking thick and ‘cacky’
  7. No alternative of colors, you get what you get!







1.         Original and interesting patterns and colors

2.         Easy to use

3.         Mostly mineral cream based and hypo-allergic, therefore, good for the skin

4.         Most brands contain a setting powder for application

5.         Practical for those who are not very skillful in the ‘art’ of eye shadowing




Now… is this the end of ‘normal’ eye shadow???  I think not!  I personally love playing around with colors and textures, and this takes out half of the fun in makeup!   However it does provide a quick alternative to woman who do not have the time, patience or skills to actually create a look of their own… 


This inventive product is available with Avon and  ColorOn is available at  Sephora