One of the request I get the most ( And remember, you can always email me for personal requests and questions at:…  is probably the smokey eye.. black girls, white girls, asian girl.. a melting pot of culture who all want to join together for one common cause.. the smokey eye!! lol!!

I already did a post on a very simple way to get it done.. today.. lets tackle a version full of attitude.



The smokey eye usually is made with different shades of the same color palette.. Here we are going a little crazy with the color on the upper lid and a very thick eyeliner… 

Here we go:

– Follow the usual steps we always talk about..we want to work with cleaned moisturized skin!

– Use a flesh color to underline the area just under the eyebrow

– On the brow bone apply the color of your choice.. in this picture it is a dark grey-blue color

– Now, blend a dark, matte black on the lid just under the brow bone ( where we put the grey-blue)

– BLEND WELL at the crease

– Line the entire eye (upper and lower) with a nice thick line of eyeliner

-Finish with a coat of black mascara!!


there you go!!  Top all this with a sexy red lip and not one person will be able to resist you!!!