Shout out to for the pics

Lauryn is out and looking… normal!!

Yall know i’m the biggest fan ever in life!!!

Wether you like her or not.. she does something to everyone.  I mean, personally, the woman kinda scares me… I can’t lie! 
But her body is (or was) out of this world crazy! Her legs goe on forever and she has some of the most amazing facial features I have ever seen..

Anyone with me on that?



I likes it me!!!!  lol!!!

Then again, I am obsessed with this woman and love everything she does!


What do you guys think?

Is there anyone out there who can help me… I NEEEEEEEEED  to know where that purple dress Michelle Williams is wearing in her video ‘ The greatest’ is from…  

I couldn’t find any info on it.. not even any pictures online… 







That’s all I wanted to say..

while we on the topic of Rihanna.. what do you think of this look on her?   More Rihanna. 

Damn Rihrih.. looking good!!!



Not that I have ever been the biggest fan.. but I gotta say.. RIAHANA IS LOOKING FIERCE!!!!  I love the hair, love the look.. love it love it love it…

 rihanna-killin.jpg HTNESS!!!!

Just had to share that with you guys… Let me know what ya’ll think!

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