Love It or Hate It



I likes it me!!!!  lol!!!

Then again, I am obsessed with this woman and love everything she does!


What do you guys think?


Thanks to reader Kpriss who put me on to these wonderful Louboutin’s.  These snakeskin stilettos nammed ‘Declic’ go for about 1400$ (Lord!)  But my gosh, are they ever gorgeous!!

Thanks Kpriss.. ladies what do yall think??

Would you wear these??  shoes.jpg  I LUVVVVVVVVV THEM!!! What do yall think? 


I know.. I know.. I am soooo late on this one.. but you know what they say.. better late then sorry…

So there we go..  a couple of months ago.. MAC came out with their latest collection… Barbie Loves MAC, the first color collabo between MAC and Mattel inspired by no other than the sexy Barbie….

barbielovesmac.jpg  And this is what you get!!! 

Honestly the colors are gorgeous… highly pigmented pink and gorgeous greens… 

But is it wearable??? 

 I would, without a second thought, rock this.. there are always great combinations of color possible for woman of all ethnicity.. But people are scarred of ending up looking like drag queens.. understandingly…


 As much as I have issues with Barbie and her ridiculously  unrealistic body..  I was impressed by the versatility of the colors…  They truly really look amazing!

Let me know if you think a look like this would be wearable..


While we are it… plllllllease let me know that I’m not the only one in the world with issues about Barbie!!!!!


Now my personal take on this..

Since you guys were quick to give your opinion.. please do so again.

Tell me wich look you prefer on me!!  Summer is here.. need to revamp my spirits!!! 

Can’t wait to hear what you think!


What do you guys think of this new little number??

max-zaria-embroidered-cocoon-dress.jpgI am lovvvvvvvving it!!  This coton emroidered dress had a Ethnic,  Africa meets Vintage look to it!! 

 I am feeling it!!  ( I must mention it is 480$ wich made me gulp twice!!)  But still..  I LOVE IT!!

Is this an original summer look or just a big flop??

I, for one, am definelty not feeling this sloopy ‘wet t-shirt’ look!!

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