Yes after months of absence i am here… Unfortunately school has been kicking my ‘arse’, so I have not had lots of time to beautify my mind, body and soul…

But here I am… Hope all is well with everyone…

More to come soon!


Bruised Rihanna


I can’t even manage to express what I feel. Seeing her like this really broke my heart. Of course, not to be bias, I have no idea what went down.. However, no one deserves to be beaten or bitten like this..




Is there anyone out there who can help me… I NEEEEEEEEED  to know where that purple dress Michelle Williams is wearing in her video ‘ The greatest’ is from…  

I couldn’t find any info on it.. not even any pictures online… 





Everybody!!  wether  you  speak french or not, GO OUT AND BUY THIS ALBUM NOW!!! 


With his signature charismatic voice, the singer, who’s maturity definitely show on this second album,  will take you on an exotic ride with sounds and words.

Did I mention the man was gorgeous?!???!!! 

But, most important of all, he is a Montreal born artist with a extraordinary amount of talent!  Somewhere between R&B, soul, reggae and carribean, his music has a fresh vintage sound that will make you travel through all types of emotions!!


   The song ‘Mon Frere’ is an emotional testimony, whereas the duo with Vitaa ‘Tu Peux Choisir’  is a beautiful song reminiscent of something we would hear from Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrel…


Wow.. the album is something else.. the sound is like a perfect chocolate Sunday on a warm summer day or a good mint tea on a cold winter evening..

Like I said, wether you speak french or not!!! Get the album!



To my dear blog readers..  I am not far but I’ve been working on so many things .. i havnt had time to post as often as  I would like to!!  I have answered most of your emails personnaly and will continue to do so!!  Bear with me, I’ll be back soon with fantastic tips and trick.. and of course a bit of gossip!! Lili 

My dear pretty friends…

 I know I havnt been taking very good care of you lately..   But I have a very good excuse… my friends and I are trying to jumpstart a little project!!! 

Let me know what you think!! 

 And keep in my these are the outtakes… the final cut will be even better!!

This has absolutely nothing to do with nothing!! But guys.. after a couple of days of decent weather.. IT IS NOW SNOWING IN MONTREAL!!!!!!!!!!! It is snowing!!! This makes no sense…. Isn’t spring suppose to be warm????

This makes no sense…

This picture was taken today!! TODAY APRIL 12th!!!!???

This simply makes no sense…

Please make sure to check my girl’s bog on a regular.. she is a young lady going though an amazing adventure… motherhood!!! hi hi hi.. and she also happens to be my biggest motivation for this blog.

Wow..what she is going throught is the REALEST reality show ever, it is like the Amazing Race and Survivor all wrapped up in one!!! But the challenges are even scarrier.. like: How to remove this vomit stain or finding out how the breast pumps works.. people I tell you.. it is pretty scarry..

I believe in yall.. I believe you can handle it..and on top of it, to throw you off.. she even balances the act with a little fashion.. Motherhood is sumtin else boy..

so make sure to check it out..


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