Supposedly Mattel is getting getting to launch the teenaged-up version of Dora.. Lord am I getting old or what?!?!?!?




teen Dora


When cartoons get old, it’s a definite sign that YOU gettin’ old!!

The new Dora looks kinda ‘Beyoncified’ if you asked me, but at least she is not nearly as scandalous as the Bratz things…

All hail the First Lady…




Designers are loosing their minds over the opportunity to design the First Lady’s gown for the January 20th inauguration.

Take a look at wwd.com for the complete list of designs for Michelle, and here to see what they have planned for Malia and Sasha.. 

I am truly baffled by this unexpected presidency.  May God bless & protect  them.


Ok… I dont want to sound mean… but WHAT THE HELL!! You do the crime.. (you get caught) then you do then damn time. Paris is no different then the rest of the world.. I truly hope she serves her full sentence, learns a couple lessons and comes out of this mess wiser… but to be honnest she’s probably just gonna be more famous dammit!!

Boohooow.. sniff sniff.. poor baby crying.. poor poor baby..


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Well.. it was all an ox… I mean the show was on.. but the whole thing was put on in order to get the population aware of the critical issues related to transplants… ans transplant lists..


I am baffled..

I was made aware of this HORROR, by one of my friends… (this cutie at work!! )  :-)There is a new reality show coming about a bunch of people contesting for.. get ready for this one..  A KIDNEY!!!!!


So this woman dying of a brain tumor’s last wish is to give away her kidney on a reality show..  ‘The Big Donor Show, (read more about this)  is by some of the same people who brought us Big Brother…

Am I speechless or am I speechless!!!???

What is this world coming to people..  what is this world coming to.. 

Kidney anyone??


Oh, and for the two contestants who loose, what are they going to tell them?  Sorry.. but you just die..

I am confused..


 I am so so so sorry, I had to share this… hum.. let’s get back to makeup now…