Supposedly Mattel is getting getting to launch the teenaged-up version of Dora.. Lord am I getting old or what?!?!?!?




teen Dora


When cartoons get old, it’s a definite sign that YOU gettin’ old!!

The new Dora looks kinda ‘Beyoncified’ if you asked me, but at least she is not nearly as scandalous as the Bratz things…


Bruised Rihanna


I can’t even manage to express what I feel. Seeing her like this really broke my heart. Of course, not to be bias, I have no idea what went down.. However, no one deserves to be beaten or bitten like this..




One of my biggest makeup pet peeves is probably a bad eyeliner line.  And how to properly apply eyeliner is probably one of the questions i get asked the most. 


Lining the eyes with liner, really makes them stand out.  

If necessary, curl your lashes for an eye-opening look, before you apply any makeup. 

– Prep the lids with a primer if you are going to used eyeshadow.

-Always use freshly sharpen pencil. 

-If you are going to used liquid eyeliner, only used it for the top lid and a pencil for the bottom one.

– For the top lid, always go from inner corner to out.

– For the bottom lid, always go from outer corner to in.

– Liner should start where the lashes begin and stop.




 Here are 4 simple steps…

1. Gently pull the corner of the eye to smooth any ripples and to keep the skin extended.

2. At the inner most point of your eye, start drawing a straight line.

3. Stay as close as possible to the lash line and keep pulling on the skin gently, this makes the process much easier.

4. For a simple day look, keep the line thin and elegant. 












5. For an evening or more dramatic look.  Use a thick eyeliner, apply a generous amount following the steps mentioned above and smug it a little for a sexy look like the one in the picture below.


Connect the dots…

Another way to do it is by doting.  To get the eyeliner straight, put some small dots along the lid and simply joint them. 


Easy enough!  Right…


** Eyeliner picture found on Google, but props to the owner who let me know it was originally from her site:


All hail the First Lady…




Designers are loosing their minds over the opportunity to design the First Lady’s gown for the January 20th inauguration.

Take a look at for the complete list of designs for Michelle, and here to see what they have planned for Malia and Sasha.. 

I am truly baffled by this unexpected presidency.  May God bless & protect  them.


Is there anyone out there who can help me… I NEEEEEEEEED  to know where that purple dress Michelle Williams is wearing in her video ‘ The greatest’ is from…  

I couldn’t find any info on it.. not even any pictures online… 





Ok.. ya’ll already know I am obsessed with lips!!  And not to sound ungrateful, but Body Shop who????

I am  now faithfully dedicated to Victoria Secret’ Beauty Rush lip gloss..  Great color, scent and texture… Some even have some light glitters in it…  Lovely…


I am sure ‘Vicky’ can use of all the good publicity possible after last week’s drama!!  So thumbs up for their Beauty Rush lip gloss..




I am so sad…

One of my first ever post (if not the first one..) was on this artist..  Lord, talk about a  fall from grace… 

Guess who?